Dan & Valerie Woods

Bet Sar Shalom Messianic Ministries

São Paulo, Brazil

October 22, 2003

Dear Woods Warrior,


Thank you for praying for the special services we held on Rosh Hashana, Yom Kipur. Sukkot and Simchat Torah.  In the last four weeks we have squeezed fifty-five into the living rooms each meeting, and at least another twenty standing outside. God brought 39 Jews and 3 Jewish families. During last week’ service, two young orthodox men came in after we had begun. They joined in singing Hebrew choruses, and helped as young and old took turns carrying the Torah and New Testament scrolls, and Bible’s and New Testaments in twenty different languages around the meeting room. They listened intently as we read selected passages from Psalm 1, 19 and 119, and John 1and 3.  They stayed for part of the message, heard the plan of salvation, but left before Dan could talk with them.  Pray for their salvation.
Praise and Prayer Needs:
Claudio and his wife Eliana, came to the all day Yom Kippur service, and enjoyed the singing and time of prayer. They listened intently as we read through of the book of Jonah, had a group study on God’s attributes, then a four-part Bible study on Repentance, Propitiation, Atonement, and Salvation. Claudio was visibly moved after reading Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-7 and chapter 53, and asked aloud why no one had ever read these to him before.  Pray for their salvation, and for their marriage, and for more opportunities to study the word with them.
Adriana, is 25 and single, and met with Dan on Yom Kippur asking for prayer and courage to witness to her family, to leave the synagogue and to begin attending Bet Sar Shalom.Pray that she will come back.
Simone came alone to the meetings, and apologized for not coming to the Saturday morning Bible studies. Pray as we schedule to visit unsaved husband Alberto and teens at home, and for their salvation.
Dan met Yomi, and wife Fernanda at a birthday party, and spent the rest of the night answering questions about why a Jew would believe in Jesus. They are heavily involved in spiritism, are disillusioned with Judaism, and searching. Pray for their salvation and for open doors to meet with them again.
Waldomiro, is home and recovering progressing well from his open-heart surgery. Pray for the salvation of daughter Rosana, and that Waldomiro and Amelia will be faithful to the Lord.
Our family is well and enjoying Portuguese. Gabrielle surprised us on Sunday, and prayed in Portuguese, while Eli has learned all the important words like candy, ice cream, and bathroom needs. He tries them out on everyone he meets.  Annalis is walking now, and calls for her father in both languages.  Praise God that our father hears the sinner’s prayer in any language, especially the silent one of the heart. Thank you for letting us be your partners in leading others to a saving knowledge of Messiah Yeshua. John 14:6-12

Keeping our eyes on Yeshua,

Dan & Valerie Woods

Michael (12), Danny (almost 10), Gabrielle (4), Adrian Eli (2), Annalis (1 year)

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