Children still need parental involvement

The Assembly Judiciary Committee recently met to discuss the issue of parental notification regarding abortions performed on minors.  During the debate an incredibly eye-opening statement was made by 16-vear-old Elizabeth Greenberg, who declared she was "fully capable and confident enough to make a decision about my own body."
I have been contemplating this "capable and confident decision" being made by a minor.  Would this be the decision to have sex while still in high school?  Perhaps it would be the decision to ignore the information given in health class that abstinence is 100 percent effective in the prevention of pregnancy.  No, wait, it must be the decision to rebel against her Creator who has a definite stand on the issue, of premarital sex.  (For the record, He is against it.)
A great many decisions are made prior to the "capable and confident" decision to abort a baby.  At 16, Miss Greenberg desperately needs her parent(s), whether she realizes it or not.  Teenagers especially need guidance, wisdom, love and protection from the plethora of foolish decisions they are more than capable of making on their own; decisions which lead to consequences that will affect not only the rest of their lives, but the lives of others as well.
As a parent, I find it incredibly incongruous that permission is necessary for a minor to take an aspirin or go on a field trip, yet when, the "field trip" becomes a visit to a clinic for a life-altering procedure, suddenly lawmakers decide that these same minors are now capable of making that decision without parental notification -- let alone permission.
Parents should be supported in their efforts to raise their children, not undermined.  Children need to know that no one can perform procedures on them without notifying the one(s) who are responsible for them -- all of them, not just their bodies but, their minds and souls as well.  God has entrusted parents to -care for and nurture His creation.  It is up to parents to seek His will, obey it, and teach their children to do the same.
When the lawmakers recognize this, then perhaps wise decisions will be made not because of confidence in ourselves, but in the overwhelmingly superior wisdom of our Creator and His exceeding abundant capabilities.
JOYCE MEYERS Bridgeton 10/24/00