Homosexuality is wrong, Governor

To The Editor:

Now that we have had an opportunity to pick our jaws up off the floor, I would like to comment on the resignation of Governor McGreevey.

The press and McGreevey himself have missed the central issue of his confession to an adulterous, homosexual affair. It appears that Mr. McGreevey has duped the general public into believing that his courage and honesty overshadow the issue of homosexuality, regardless of the context of its practice.

I am fully cognizant of the fact that the politically correct view on this issue is tolerance. However, my position is to stand boldly for truth and expose homosexuality for what it is: sin, not the alternative lifestyle that so many are euphemistically enamored with. God makes it abundantly clear in the Bible that homosexuality is wrong. Both the Old and New Testaments state (Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22, I Timothy 1:9-10, Jude 7) that God is vehemently opposed to sexual relationships between people of the same gender, whether or not it is an adulterous, experimental, or long term union.

Governor McGreevey's confession is being conveniently down played, while his honesty and courage are being praised. We should not be condoning his behavior by offering weak adulation. He has committed an heinous sin against the same God we all want to "Bless America", and to whom we turn to with cries of "mercy" and plead for his protection in times of crisis.

This point of view is certainly not politically correct, but we have come to a chasm of immorality that can only be bridged by righteous indignation and holiness as defined by God. It must be sought after and strove for if there is any hope of blessing by the God we have so blatantly offended. God abhors homosexuality and to ignore it or sugarcoat it is an affront to the family structure God has created.

Our nation has repeatedly scorned God's laws and taught their antithesis disguised as tolerance. We have systematically deceived not only adults, but encouraged our children to accept blasphemous and belligerent behavior as an "alternative lifestyle with a significant other." But, when disaster strikes we have the unmitigated gall to cry out for his justice and mercy, even though we have left the safety of his laws and the protection he has provided through them.

Governor McGreevey is not the first adulterous public official, nor will he be the last politician to disclose the issue of homosexuality, use platitiudes to divert and put a positive spin on perversion. If steadfast Christians allow this man to continue to govern without public outcry over this issue, then we are fostering its acceptance and the heartache, derision and baseness that accompany it.


Joyce A. Meyers