Abortion More Important Issue


To the Editor:

Once again the blindness of the human species defies explanation. Amidst the ramblings of cries against animal cruelty at the 4-H livestock auction, there is one thought that bears to be recognized: “Imagine the child who is forced into this cruel and ugly situation. Young minds are impressionable”. The writer is appalled at the idea of “tearing an animal from its surroundings and forced into a frightening situation……….and end up slaughtered.”

There is a slaughter going on that indeed qualifies this statement, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with animals. It is a slaughter of millions of innocent lives, who are deemed to be only bits of tissue and are therefore not entitled to protection. They are indeed torn from their surrounding, only to have their hearts stopped by chemicals, have their skulls crushed and then partially extracted in pieces. It is the horrific crime of abortion.

Oh, but excuse me, according to our law, it is not a crime. For 40 years we have sanctioned this abhorrent behavior as a woman’s right to choose, never giving any thought to the life she has nestled in her womb. It is appalling that we live in a nation that guarantees us “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, unless of course you are an inconvenience. Here’s a newsflash for you. God still considers it murder regardless of what the Supreme Court decided, and we as a nation will be held accountable for our lack of moral courage to stand for the rights of the unborn.

Our educational system is at the height of its hypocrisy. We teach our children to recite that we are “one nation under God” (although even that is under scrutiny by liberal miscreants) , yet our books teach that abortion is an acceptable and alternative form of birth control, and we impress this on young minds who have not yet fully developed the moral character to recognize murder when they hear it. To make it even more insufferable youngsters are not being taught the truth of what abortion is, how it is performed and the suffering of the unborn child. Frankly, it is akin to the Third Reich’s indoctrination of German children to hate the Jews because they were thought to be subhuman. We all know the culmination of that educational nightmare and the conflagration that ensued.

Soon a Supreme Court seat will be filled by as yet an unnamed person. Whoever is chosen, will undoubtedly have the power to tip the scales of justice towards life, or death of the unborn. As our newspapers and other media work to demonize any candidate who is pro-life, Christians must have the fortitude to speak out against abortion, our pulpits need to expound upon the beginning of life at conception and the value that life has, and our prayers need to be with the President as he faces a most difficult and challenging appointment.

We have much more to be concerned with than whether or not an animal was specifically raised for the purpose of food, becomes dinner. Our concern should rest with the sanctioning of the murder of children, and the dark hallway we will be forced to walk down should our course of action continue to go unchanged. We are a nation in crisis and are killing our children out of selfishness, before they even draw a breath. We are rushing headlong into an abyss and will one day be held accountable for our silence.



Joyce A. Meyers

July 15, 2005