Animal cruelty mirrors another problem

To the Editor:
While driving on Commerce Street recently I noticed a small group of people carrying placards protesting cruelty to animals.  These concerned citizens had obviously been touched by the recent deaths of area animals at the hands of youngsters, and adults alike.  One particular sign caught my attention.  It proclaimed, "Today It Is An Animal - Tomorrow It Could Be Your Child."
The News has been very diligent in reporting the heinous crimes of animal abuse that have plagued our city.  It is appalling that someone would take the life of one they are supposed to care for and nurture.  Wouldn't we be appalled if suddenly we awoke to find that we live in a country where "ownership" would give someone the right to commit murder legally."
Wake up and smell the java, folks.  Since Roe vs. Wade, women have had that very "freedom" to legally murder the life which had been entrusted to them to care for and nurture.
We rant and rave about animal rights because they have no voice with which to speak.  It is pretty difficult to speak when you think you are safe within your mother's womb, and suddenly find yourself being assailed by chemicals to destroy you.  Oh, and if that doesn't work, well you will be cut to pieces and in the familiar words of Dr. Laura Schlessinger, "be sucked into the sink."
For three decades our nation has sanctioned this heinous act as a woman's right because of the "ownership" of her body.  It should not take a rocket scientist to figure out that our disregard' for human life, and ultimately God's law, is going to contribute to the production of individuals of such poor moral character that they do not consider the consequences of their actions.
We are a blind people who do not see the ramifications of our rebellion against our creator and we will pay a high price for that rebellion.  Look around we already are.

Bridgeton, Bridgeton News 06/28/00