Colorado shooting shows our failure

To the editor:
In the wake of the tragedy in Colorado, one question has continually surfaced --"Why?"
We have removed the Ten Commandments from our schools, homes, churches and our lives.  Likewise with prayer.  Our relationship with our creator God has deteriorated.  We insist on having children outside the marriage covenant, then marred or single we give them to someone else to raise and nurture as young as six weeks old.
We are consumed with our careers and cannot even be home to greet our children with a hug and talk with them after school.  We expect teachers to do our job of parenting with not only our children, but with at least 19 others, as well.  Our relationship with our children after we pick them up from the "after-school program" is sandwiched between dinner and bedtime.
Wake up!  Without God's law there is no standard, without a standard there is no conviction, without conviction there is no repentance and without repentance there is no change.  Our blatant disobedience as a nation is reaping serious consequences.  How dare we ask "Why"!
JOYCE MEYERS Bridgeton, Bridgeton News 05/01/99