Freedom in Home schooling

Reader’s View

Gloucester County Times


To the Editor:


Thank you for your well researched and accurately written article on homeschooling that appeared in Sunday’s (1/9/05) paper.  As a homeschooling mother of seven years and three daughters, I am pleased to see a positive article on this innovative answer to problems which exist in the public, and some private, schools. We assessed our options, and discovered that homeschooling was exactly what we were looking for in an education for our daughters.


As the article stated, homeschooling is not for everyone.  It requires the parent to be their child’s teacher, disciplinarian, counselor and a myriad of other things.  It is also a tremendous opportunity to really get to know your child, and create a bond with them that is nearly impermeable to pressure from society and the subtle doctrine that we as parents, are the “enemy.”  My eldest daughter openly discusses relationship issues, social issues, world and national events, and just about anything you can think of with both my husband and I.  


Frankly, if our public schools and parents were doing such a marvelous job, we wouldn’t need locked lockers, overflowing detention rooms, or visits to the principal’s office. Bullying, foul language, and disrespectful behavior wouldn’t be such dramatic evidence of a system desperately in need of an overhaul. Anyone who knows our children: from the hairdresser, to family members, and those we meet in passing, will tell you they are polite, well mannered, articulate young ladies.  They also have a wonderful sense of humor, help out at home, and are a joy to be around.  How many public school parents do you hear say that at the end of the summer?


Finally, as a Christian homeschooler, my husband and I are free to exercise our right to educate our children with a godly, biblical base and are not hampered by the sexually suggestive and at times downright obscene clothing, music, or language that so many children seem to be enamored with today.  We incorporate biblical wisdom into their curriculum and our daily interaction with them. This does not change with the wind, and we have the privilege of teaching principles that will govern their decision making, their lives and ultimately influence the lives of others.  That is an awesome thing, and we know we are fortunate and blessed to live in a nation where we are free to do this.





Joyce A. Meyers