Joyce Meyers
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Looking for Joyce Meyers? That's Meyers with an 'S'. This page contains church member Joyce A. Meyers' letters to the editor of The Bridgeton News (NJ) on various issues. She is a resident of Bridgeton, wife of Christopher Meyers, mother of 3 home schooled daughters and a registered nurse. She practices what she preaches.  Enjoy reading her views under the following titles.

Joyce Meyers

Colorado shooting shows our failure,05-01-99
Animal cruelty mirrors another problem, 06-28-00
We cannot forget parental responsibility, 03-22-01
Children still need parental involvement, 10-24-00
Students must take responsibility, 06-12-01
Let's have a happy, safe holiday, 06-28-01
We turn to religion during a crisis, 09-27-01
Laws can't replace good parenting, 10-27-01
Message of Sept. 11 quickly tossed aside, 10-03-02
Home schooling is succeeding, 11-15-02
Let students read real literature,02-03-03
Book teaches a bad lesson for children, 03-01-03
If Public Schools Fail Try Home Schooling, 08-26-03
Violence and Sin, 07-15-04
Homosexuality is wrong, Governor, 08-19-04
Choice of Abortion or Conviction of Murder? 12-03-04
Freedom in Home Schooling 01-09-05
New Bible Translation Isn't the Answer 02-06-05
Liberal writer tells only half the story 02-19-05
School Sending Mixed Messages 03-15-05
Abortion More Important Issue 07-15-05
NJ Schools to No Longer Teach of Patriotic Days 01-12-07

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