Greenwich Township
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Ye Greate Street

A single shaded wide street through the center of this small 200+ year old country town. Large trees and many colonial era homes grace each side of the street, some homes built in the late 1600's, many in the 1700's. There is one general store (milk, eggs, deli), post office, fire-rescue department, a seafood restaurant & two marinas on the Cohansey river. Greenwich boasts both a maritime history and colonial history. 

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Tea Burner's Monumenent 640x480
Greenwich Tea Burner's

Gibbon House 640x480

The Gibbon House - Ye Greate St.

Gibbon House Museum 640x480

Period Cooking Demonstration - Gibbon House


Greenwich Fire Hall 640x480
Greenwich Twp. Fire Hall

General Store 640x480

Greenwich General Store and Post Office

Maritime Museum 640x480

John DuBois Maritime Museum


Greenwich Baptist Church
Circa 1900

Hancock's Hbr. 640x480
Hancock's Harbor - Greenwich

Bait Box 640x480
Bait Box Restaurant
Hancock's Harbor - Greenwich

Greenwich Cultural Events

A variety of community-wide cultural events are held every year, drawing visitors from around the Delaware valley.

Pictures of the annual fall Craft Fair held in September

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Greenwich Craft Fair 640x480
Craft Booths

Greenwich Craft Fair 640x480
Craft Booths


Bluegrass Band 640x480
Bluegrass Band - Home Cookin'

Glass Blowing Demo 640x480
Glass Blowing Demonstration


Rural area surrounds Ye Greate Street 

Open land, woodland and marshland.  Open land farmed - soybeans, corn, tomatoes, and peppers. Wildlife includes deer, raccoon, opossum, fox, skunk, turkeys, geese and squirrel. Pests - biting flies in June and July are greenheads and strawberry flies, followed by mosquitoes. (The local ballfield is named 'Greenhead Park') Summers can get quite humid from moisture from the river and Delaware Bay.  Spring and fall are pleasant. Winters are more influenced by coastal weather activity migrating northward up the coast from the Carolinas, rather than weather migrating from the mid-west traveling east. 

The Cohansey River 

Flows on the eastern border of Greenwich to the Delaware Bay.  Deep enough for barges, sailboats and other river craft.

Located 8 miles from Bridgeton

Population 19,000, county seat, and large historical district.  Closest town to Greenwich that has chain supermarkets, closest hospital, closest banks. Bridgeton is 20 minutes from the nearest mall - Vineland, and 45 minutes to Deptford or Hamilton.


Mostly country and rural roads, no major highways until you get to Bridgeton, then mostly one lane each way with no traffic jams.

Major cities

Approximately one hour from Wilmington Delaware, Ocean City and Atlantic City New Jersey or Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

Christian Schools

Bridgeton Christian School - K-8 in Bridgeton, 15 minutes away.
Cumberland Christian School - K-12 in Vineland, 25 minutes away.


Bridgeton Emergency - 15 minutes away.
Cumberland County Regional - 25 minutes away.
Salem County - 25 minutes away.
Elmer Hospital - 40 minutes away.

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Greenwich Baptist Church
PO Box 52
928 Ye Greate St.
Greenwich, NJ 08323
Church Phone: (856)-451-5212

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