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4 to 12 page booklets on Biblical answers to modern day questions

10 Commandments - Abortion - Alcohol - Astrology - Authority - Backsliding - Basic Bible Truths - Bible & Science - Capital Punishment - Censorship - Child Abuse - Christmas--Meaning of - Christmas--The Gift - Church Discipline - Deity - Drug Abuse - False Religious Teacher - Foundation of the Church - Gambling - Grace of Giving - Healing - Incarnation of Christ - Judgment - Life After Death - Marriage & Divorce - Miracles, Signs and Wonders - Moral Purity - Must I Attend Church - New Age Movement - Peace with God - Pornography - Premarital Sex - Purpose of Life - Reincarnation - Religion or Christianity - Repentance - Resurrection - Self-esteem - Sexual Violations - Sodomy - Suffering - Stewardship - Teenage Suicide - Surrogate Mothering - Who Am I - Without Excuse - Worry - You Can Be Changed - The Three on the Crosses

Additional Resources

A 2 Year Bible Reading Schedule - Available for Download (PDF 24.0K Bytes)

Doctrines of Grace - Fact / Study Sheets (PDF 2.19M Bytes)

Who are the Baptists - Fact / Study Sheet - Written by former pastor Curtis Whaley (PDF 382K Bytes)


  Instructions on making .pdf booklets: Booklet pages are 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches.  Pages print single sided.  Because making a booklet from single sided sheets would produce a booklet with half the pages blank, take your printed .pdf file and photocopy double sided then assemble your booklet. 
  • With 4 page booklets make sure top of the page is up on both sides of the double sided copy. Fold double sided copy in half.
  • With 8 page booklets, copy in the following order: Copy: Cover - pg 8 to the back of pg 2 - pg 7, pg 3 - pg 6 to the back of pg 4 - pg 5, collate in order, and staple.


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    Booklets may be freely copied and distributed as they are presented here.  No permission is given to edit their contents.  We welcome your inquiries to the above address or via email.

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