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The Cohansey Baptist Movement

  • Baptists from Ireland and England settled around the Cohansey River area in South Jersey and the Cohansey Baptist Church was founded in 1690.
  • Cohansey Baptist's first building was erected on the south side of Cohansey Creek
  • Their second building was erected at Mount's Run (Sheppard's Mill) near Greenwich in 1710.
  • Around 1800, Cohansey Baptist Church moved to its present building in Roadstown.

Baptists in Greenwich

  • Baptists in Greenwich, however, continued to hold weekly prayer meetings, and the pastor of Cohansey Baptist conducted preaching services in the town school-house and private homes.
  • Evangelistic meetings in 1843 increased the Greenwich Baptist ranks.
    A collection was taken to finance the construction of a new building.
  • This building (present auditorium) was dedicated on Nov. 9, 1844 and from that time services were held every Sunday evening.
  • On Dec.1, 1849, Cohansey Baptist released 49 members in order to organized themselves into a newly formed Baptist Church on Dec. 19.
  • The congregation adopted a strong Biblical church covenant and articles of faith (The New Hampshire Confession of Faith), consistent with historic Christianity and Baptist witness, and these same Biblical principles are the doctrinal convictions of the congregation of the present day.
  • The 1st pastor, J. R. Murphy, assumed duties Feb. 1, 1850 at a salary of $350.00 per year.
  • Evangelistic services during the winter of 1870-1871 resulted in the conversion and baptism, of 75 persons.

Greenwich Baptist Meeting House

Church Auditorium

The Auditorium was completed on October 21, 1844 at a cost of $2,802.50.

Church Balcony

The auditorium balcony was built in 1855 at a cost of $382.40.

Church Parsonage

In 1868, a parsonage and barn were erected for $4000 on property next to the church donated by Dr.Wood.

The recessed pulpit podium was built in October of 1874.

Church Chapel

The chapel was added in 1899.

Education Wing

The education wing was added in 1971.


Thanks to several women of the church who took upon themselves the task of the GREAT CHURCH CLEANUP. As a result, many old
documents, photos and other treasures, stored in several dusty hideaways inside the church, were 'unearthed' and organized.


Inside the sanctuary circa 1950?

Church Missions conference, around 1900's
Note the pipe organ on the left - now long gone

Silver communion plate given to the church by Mrs. B. B. Ware, wife of Rev. Ware, 12th pastor

Final ceremony for a church revival
or youth meeting around 1900?

Rev. A.E. Harker, 20th pastor


Greenwich Baptist Church
PO Box 52
928 Ye Greate St.
Greenwich, NJ 08323
Church Phone: (856)-451-5212
email: gbchurch@greenwichbaptistchurch.org

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